The Guardian Project

As a conservancy, our responsibility is to protect and maintain a healthy environment in which flora and fauna can thrive. This extends beyond our own boundaries, to the farms and people we live alongside. Their success is our success - conservation must be beneficial to all if it is to remain a sustainable land use model.

We are proud to partner with a number of committed and passionate individuals and organisations who help us to achieve these goals. One example is The Guardian Project, founded and run by Rita and Jeffrey Rayman, who started an innovative conservation agriculture initiative to help rural communities get better yields from their crops. Last year, they came out to Ol Pejeta and, together with our Community Development Department, trained over 125 community members in how to create organic composted fertilizer.

Organic compost is free and easy to create, using waste products from the farm. It means everything that isn’t eaten is returned to the soil, improving the long-term health of the land as well as securing better quantities and quality of crops. Question and answer sessions after the workshops meant that any confusion or lack of clarity was dealt with immediately - thus ensuring that those members who participated could then go on to share and train further people within their communities.

We would like to thank Rita and Jeff again for their efforts, and we are looking forward to welcoming them back in April!