Ten Ways to Help Ol PejetaTen Ways to Help Ol Pejeta

The world has changed indescribably but nature, in all its beauty and its vulnerability, doesn’t stop. The same poaching threats to our wildlife remain, if anything worsened by the potential loss of security and funding. For many years, we have welcomed thousands upon thousands of guests through our gates, whose visits created a revenue that funded our work as a non-profit in keeping our animals safe.

For the first time in more than two decades, the Conservancy’s roads are almost empty. Baraka, the blind black rhino, is looking a little forlorn with no one to scratch his ears and feed him sugarcane. The chimpanzees are wondering why there aren’t any strange humans for them to watch. We’ve got to do everything we can to ensure they, and all the other creatures on Ol Pejeta, stay safe until we can get you all back.

We’ve come up with ten ways that you can stay in touch, be involved and help. They’re easy, they’re fun, and they’ll make a massive difference.

There are poachers rubbing their hands with glee at the thought that conservancies are not operating at maximum efficiency. Help us thwart these desperate criminals by ensuring no rangers have to go home, and donate to our emergency appeal. Every little really does count.

All accommodation options in Ol Pejeta's portfolio are on a special offer of 20% off! There's the wonderful Pelican House, which sits beside a gorgeous dam filled with birdlife and the occasional animal, and is right in the middle of it all, and there's The Stables, which is one of the most affordable wilderness camps in Laikipia. Then of course you can bring your own accommodation and go camping in one of our magical campsites! Support Ol Pejeta by coming to stay, isolated from the rest of the world and its worries. All the necessary precautions have been put in place for a safe and healthy visit. Book now through Ol Pejeta Escapes.

If you're already here or just popping in for the day, make the most of our exciting conservation experiences, which are now on offer for 20% off! You can go lion tracking, or meet the northern white rhinos, stretch your legs and learn about your surroundings on a bush walk, sign your kids up for the Junior Ranger package, and so much more. Almost all of them are still operational, and we've put strict safety measures in place to ensure you can relax and enjoy the activities to the full.
Book now through Ol Pejeta Escapes.

Join us daily on our Sofa Safaris! We’re running live game drives on our Instagram and Facebook channels with some of our top guides and often amazing and surprise guests. They’ll do the hard work, scouring under thickets, up trees and across rivers for exciting sightings - while you watch, relaxed on your sofa at home, popcorn in hand. Check out our weekly schedule released on our Social Media channels for more information.

Class is in session! But it looks a little different from normal. Tune in to our virtual safari school to learn all about the wilderness - the gentle giants, the birds and the bushes and how we must all learn to exist harmoniously together.

Getting enough exercise is essential when you’re cooped up at home for most of the day. Join our Virtual Ultra Marathon and cover 1,200kms by the end of 2020, while raising money for our incredible rangers. You can do this on long (solitary) walks, runs, rows, cycle rides, treadmill sessions, horse rides - basically, anything! You’ll log your distances onto our web app and track your route along a virtual map. Step up and start moving.

There are a number of well-loved individuals on Ol Pejeta who are available for adoptions. There’s Manno, a cheeky little chimpanzee with masses of character, Fatu and Najin, a charming pair who also happen to be the most endangered rhinos on the planet, Diego, a gallant hound with a nose for solving crime and many more besides. Adopting them will also help all the other animals they live alongside. It makes a wonderful present for loved ones, or for yourself. Share the love.

Imagine the privilege of having a rhino, vast and prehistoric, named after you. Every day our rangers patrol the conservancy, ensuring that every rhino is accounted for. For that, they need names, and there are a few calves who are still waiting for one! Do your bit for conservation and the rhino roll call on Ol Pejeta.

While schools are all closed right now, education will be more important than ever when the world returns to normal. Empowering a child with the tools of a proper tuition is one sure fire way to make the world a better, brighter place.

Scientists are making vast leaps towards creating the first ever IVF baby rhino - and bringing back the northern white rhino from extinction. Donate towards their cause and be a part of something huge.