Support a community health workerSupport a community health worker

Communities living in the more rural areas of Laikipia struggle with a lack of infrastructure and government services. Hospitals and clinics in particular, are few and far between, and dispensaries face frequent medicine supply challenges.

To tackle the crippling lack of healthcare access, Ol Pejeta aims to provide accessible and affordable health care services to the rural communities through funding from donors, and conservation enterprises. We can only do this with your help. 

This outreach includes supporting key healthcare infrastructure, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of health care service delivery, enhancing the capacity of rural healthcare workers, and raising community awareness on key health issues.

Supporting community health workers is vital if they are to continue providing life-saving services to those that need it most. Each health worker covers up to 50 households of approximately 250 persons. Getting to and from these households, and ensuring they are prepared with the right equipment, is a constant challenge.

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