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If you are particularly interested in supporting one specific area, then you can chose to donate to one of three community/wildlife projects currently ongoing in Ol Pejeta.

Supporting the Conservancy's ecological monitoring unit enables us to continue our vital research into the wildlife and habitats of Ol Pejeta. Data we collect in the field is used to protect endangered species by allowing us to better shape our management plans, and is also shared with other organisations to enable them to do the same.

Supporting a community health worker means that families who would otherwise face half a day's walk to the nearest health facility, are able to get the medical help they need at home. Community health workers face constant challenges with transport, drug availability for their patients and poor working conditions. Your support could save someone's life.

Supporting an armed ranger means you are directly contributing to our security efforts. It costs us around $850 per rhino, per month to keep our black, white and northern white rhino safe. Our dedicated armed ranger teams work long hours, often putting their lives on the line for the animals they have come to know and respect. They need all the help they can get in the front line against poaching.