Scott’s HideScott’s Hide

A hide, or blind, is a camouflaged shelter where people can observe wildlife closely without disturbing them. If you are patient enough, you can often see some fascinating behaviour from both mammals and birds, who might act differently around vehicles and vocal people. When wild animals are completely unaware of human presence, it's amazing what close encounters you could discover.

Scott's Hide is a permanent hide, located discreetly in a wooded area of Scott's Plain, overlooking a water hole favoured by a diverse range of animals. The hide offers photographers, bird watchers and nature lovers a fantastic opportunity to experience wildlife differently. The best viewing times are between 4.30pm and 6.30pm - when the majority of animals come to drink. Salt is also periodically laid to attract wildlife.

Flash photography is not recommended, and camouflage-coloured clothing is advised. Scott's hide can comfortably fit six to eight people. Visitors are advised that there are no toilet facilities here, but conveniences can be found at the headquarters not far away. Pre booking is essential as the hide is locked, and the key will only be given to those with a confirmed booking reference number. The key will need to be collected from and returned to the tourism office at headquarters.