What to bringWhat to bring

Deciding what to pack for your safari can be a bit confusing, especially if you've never been to Kenya before. We've put together a list of the basics to help you out. For suggestions on what clothes to pack, see what to wear.

  • Camera
  • Binoculars - you will see plenty of game just fine without them, but some may want to be able to count the eyelashes on the elephants
  • Mosquito/insect repellent - most areas of Laikipia are malaria-free due to the high altitude, but if you are travelling elsewhere in Kenya your doctor might recommend anti-malarial tablets
  • High factor sun cream - SPF 30 and above
  • A good pair of sunglasses - Ol Pejeta is on the equator and the sun is very powerful here
  • Plug adaptors if your devices use anything other than British (type G) plugs
  • A pack of wet wipes - safaris can get dusty!
  • A water bottle - refillable bottles are better for the environment and it is important to stay hydrated
  • Torch
  • Sandwich bags - these are useful to put devices such as phones and small cameras into, to protect them from the dust


Will my cellphone work in Ol Pejeta?
There is decent cell coverage in certain areas of the Conservancy, but it shouldn't be relied upon. Some areas are out of network completely. Kenyan mobile operators include Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom.

Is there electricity in Ol Pejeta?
This depends on what camp or lodge you are staying in. Some camps operate on solar power, and some on a generator. This may restrict the devices you are able to use (such as hairdryers) and means that electricity might not be available 24 hours of the day.

How far is the nearest town if I need to go shopping?
The nearest town is Nanyuki, and it is a 40 minute drive from the Ol Pejeta main gate. Nanyuki has several supermarkets that sell groceries and toiletries, the biggest one is Chandarana at Cedar Mall. Nanyuki also has two hospitals, several restaurants, car garages, hardware stores, and cyber cafes.