COVID Comms - Keeping in Touch During the Crisis

So much has changed for so many people as we all adjust to life during a global pandemic. For us here on Ol Pejeta, adjusting has meant finding new ways to carry out our core programmes. 

The trust we have built with our neighbouring communities has been built on regular outreach activities, consultations and communication. While we can’t physically conduct outreach events at the moment, due to physical distancing guidelines, we’re staying in touch with the communities we support through a two-way SMS system. 

People can reach out to our dedicated community response team for free whenever they have security concerns or wildlife threats, as well as for general information and enquiries. 

This open channel of communication is not only important in maintaining the trust we have built, but also to keep people and wildlife safe. Recently, our ranger team received a call about a leopard that has been feeding on community livestock. With a tough economic climate already putting pressure on farming families, the loss of even one goat or sheep would severely impact many households. The Ol Pejeta ranger team has set a capture crate in the area the leopard was last seen, in the hopes of catching it and safely releasing it in a non-residential area.