Ecological monitoring unitEcological monitoring unit

Ol Pejeta's Ecological Monitoring Unit (EMU) is charged with ensuring and maintaining a dynamic wildlife population on suitable, contiguous and healthy habitat, sufficient for endangered and critically endangered species, whilst retaining connectivity to the greater Laikipia ecosystem.

They do this by identifying trends in key animal and plant species on Ol Pejeta. They then set threshold levels on the key variables, for example: the maximum number of lion or rhino that Ol Pejeta can support, or the acceptable levels of damage to Acacia drepanolobium. These thresholds help the management make important decisions when it comes to managing and maintaining Ol Pejeta's diverse flora and fauna.

The EMU frequently partner with researchers and students from all over the world to carry out their work. If you are interested in Immersive Conservation Experiences with Ol Pejeta, click here.