Innovation - Mount Kenya Wildlife EstateInnovation - Mount Kenya Wildlife Estate

Ol Pejeta aims to be a model of financial sustainability and provide significant financial resources to invest into community development and to support conservation at a landscape level within Laikipia and beyond. Our revenue must always be sustainable and conservation friendly, and the Mount Kenya Wildlife Estate is one such example.

The Mount Kenya Wildlife Estate is 1,000 acres of land that has been set aside in the eastern sector of the Conservancy both for the development of commercial housing and as a conservation area for endangered herbivores. It has been sensitively developed to provide a maximum of 100 homes, ideal either as a holiday base or long term residence. The development is intended to provide financial support to the Conservancy, both short-term and long-term. The estate is predator-proof, making it the ideal conservation area for endangered herbivores such as Grevy's zebra and Jackson's hartebeest. This gives residents the freedom to walk, jog and cycle around the estate side-by-side with endangered species.

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