Ol Pejeta own the largest herd of purebred Boran cattle in the world. Currently, Boran genetics are in demand from farmers all over Africa, and Ol Pejeta is in a strong position to supply these.

The Boran is the fastest growing beef breed in South Africa. South Africa imported their first Boran embryos from Ol Pejeta in 1994, and there are now over 40,000 registered animals. A good 50% of these genetics can be traced back to Ol Pejeta bloodlines.

The success of this breed has created an unprecedented demand for the Boran in all dry-land areas of Africa. Ol Pejeta genetics can also be found in Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa, in the form of live bulls and heifers, semen from our top bulls (Artificial Insemination) or embryos.

To maintain a herd of 6,000 purebred Boran cattle requires 2,000 breeding cows producing 1,600 calves annually. 300 of the best producing breeding cows are put aside to breed the bulls required to serve the 2,000 cows. Ol Pejeta endeavour to remain a top producer of Boran genetics.