South EastSouth East

Close proximity to Nanyuki town means that communities living to the south east of Ol Pejeta have easier access to government services and better infrastructure than other Ol Pejeta supported communities. The location also nurtures different small enterprises, which, together with agriculture and pastoralism leads to a fairly diverse economy in the area.

Education institutions here however, are still in need of basic necessities. Ol Pejeta supports 16 schools in the south east, with both infrastructure and equipment. Together with partners, Ol Pejeta has built classrooms and green houses, and enabled five schools to set up an ICT suite and a library.

Although community members are in close proximity to one of three health centres, medical supplies in these clinics are often lacking. Ol Pejeta supports two health centres with medical supplies, and has donated media equipment and supported infrastructure development. Thanks to support from Ol Pejeta and partners, a vibrant team of Community Health Workers (CHWs) ensures increased community reach by providing homecare visits.

The Ewaso Nyiro River allows farmers constant water access, but as populations increase and the climate becomes more unpredictable, large-scale extraction of river water has become unsustainable. Ol Pejeta is working with farmers and schools to introduce drip irrigation and rainwater harvesting systems, to reduce pressure on the river.

Energy saving stoves have also been introduced to this area by one of Ol Pejeta’s partners. This has reduced the demand for fuel wood significantly, and the stoves have grown in popularity. There have now been over 300 stoves constructed in this area to date. They are not only saving energy for households, but also creating employment as builders find work specialising in the installation of the stoves.