Establishing procedures for cases of human/wildlife is vital. These procedures minimise casualties, loss of property and livestock, and ensure that community members are not forced to take matters into their own hands. We believe prevention is better than cure in these cases, and so we have put the following measures in place to try and reduce human/wildlife conflict incidents:

  • An elaborate electric fence, tailored to prevent breakage by wildlife, has been erected near populated settlements around Ol Pejeta's border
  • Fence patrol operations ensure these fences remain functional at all times
  • Ranger stations along the fence monitor performance on a 24 hour basis, and rangers report any fence interference or breaks to the Problem Animal Control Team
  • Problem Animal Control Teams are strategically deployed along conflict prone areas
  • Night patrol teams address human/wildlife conflict whenever reported
  • Problem animal identification programmes have been established to single out problematic individuals (such as elephants who repeatedly break fences)
  • Ol Pejeta liaise with the Kenya Wildlife Service to offer appropriate management action on known problematic animals

In case an incident does occur, community members are encouraged to follow these procedures:

    • The reporter should stay safe and immediately contact the Kenya Wildlife Service 
    • If the animal is within the proximity of Ol Pejeta fence, the spotter should also contact the Ol Pejeta operations room on 0723 312 673
    • The reporter should remain contactable so as to direct animal control teams to the location
    • Any damage suffered should be reported to the County Wildlife Conservation and Compensation Committee

For further clarification or discussion on these matters please contact the Community Development Department though a local community representative.