Wildlife guardian, artist, nature champion!

Robert Lochiam is a wildlife patrolman with an extraordinary passion for wildlife. He has been working at Ol Pejeta for 4 years, ensuring the health and safety of the wildlife within our boundaries by working closely with the Ecological Monitoring Department and the anti-poaching units. He works from 6am to 6pm, so you might think he would have no time for extra curricular activities. But on his lunch and tea breaks, Robert sketches the wildlife he protects. This budding artist started drawing when he was in primary school, teaching himself along the way. Earlier this year a visitor to Ol Pejeta was so impressed with his sketches that they donated pencils, crayons and brushes. “I draw because I love art” says Robert “and I want to pass messages about conserving our natural heritage.”

This multi-talented ranger doesn’t stop there. As well as developing his sketching skills, Robert is studying to become a Silver Guide under the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association, and learning German!

Those interested in supporting Robert can contact us on info@olpejetaconservancy.org