Chimps all in excellent health

The health checks I mentioned last time went really well and I am pleased to report that all our chimps are in excellent health. During the medical examinations I had a chance to observe some pretty amazing behavior from some of our chimps. Alley, our resident escape artist, wasted no time in finding new ways to get out of the enclosure. She must have figured out that something was going on and she wasn’t just going to sit around and let things pass her by.

As usual she did not leave the enclosure herself but had other chimps do it for her. This time it was Zee and Ali Kaka who used the escape route that she had created by using sticks as ladders to get over the fence.The two left the enclosure into the quarantine area where the health checks were being done and could be seen peering inside the holding facility. I guess they were trying to find out what was happening to the chimps they saw asleep. They did not go far however and returned inside the enclosure without prompting, probably to report back to Alley on their findings.

Another interesting sight was Mwanzo exhibiting maternal behavior by pacing up and down while Ajabu was unconscious. When the anesthesia finally wore off and Ajabu woke up Mwanzo hugged her – a gesture I found strangely human - and stayed close to her throughout. 

It seems the chimpanzees know they passed their health exam with flying colors as they have become even more playful than before. We are just glad they are all fine.


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