Mirror Mirror on the Ground…

Chimp gazingThe recent rains have formed little puddles around the Sanctuary and the chimpanzees seem to have fallen in love with the reflections they see in these pools of water. Normally, Alley is the chimp that loves staring at her reflection in the drinking troughs but in the last few weeks nearly all the chimps seem to have caught the vanity bug and are staring at themselves in any reflective surface they find. It has been quite amusing watching this conceited behaviour.

For example Romeo was so intent on looking at his reflection in a drinking trough that he got so close to the edge, lost his balance and fell in. The troughs are shallow and he did not get hurt but it was very funny watching him crawl out with a surprised look on his face. His fall has not discouraged him from staring at his reflection; he is still keen on looking at his mirror image.  Max and Socrates are another pair who caught my attention. Max was looking at himself in a pool of water while being groomed from behind by Socrates. Then Socrates realized he could also catch his reflection in the same pool and bent over to look at himself grooming Max! It was such a funny scene watching two chimps hunched over a puddle grooming.

I wonder what goes on in their heads as they stare at their reflections. Could it be; “Mirror mirror on the ground am I the fairest chimp of all?”

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