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  •  Support the Naro Moru Children's Home

In April 2003, 17 orphans – 15 boys and 2 girls – were rescued from a life of poverty and moved to live together in a children’s home in Naro Moru, a town on the slopes of Mount Kenya.

12 of them came from a Juvenile Remand Centre because they had been abandoned or because they were abused by their families and had ran away from home. The others came from the streets or from the health care system because of their grave state of health. At Naro Moru Children’s Home they were provided with the opportunity to go to school, to eat plentiful food every day and to play in the safety of a welcoming home.

This project was a partnership between Pastor David Thuita, who was the main implementer of the project, Reverent John Bovard, a generous donor from America who sponsored the children, Rosemary the woman who offered the piece of land where the home was built and the Kenyan government who commissioned the home.

  • Support the Naro Moru Children's Home
  • Support the Naro Moru Children's Home
  • Support the Naro Moru Children's Home

In August 2011, because of the global economic crisis, John Bovard had to pull out and stop sponsoring the children. Ol Pejeta and The Seed Of Life, a group of its staff members, decided to step in and to pay school fees and home staff fees to continue caring and educating the kids.

By the end of 2011, the home was faced with another challenge: Rosemary asked for her land back. At that point, Ol Pejeta decided not to give up on the orphans and to find quickly a new place for them where they would be able to live together again and to continue receiving good education and good care. Rosemary agreed to let us her land while we looked for a new children’s home.

After almost one year of difficult researches, Ol Pejeta finally succeeded in finding homes and schools, which separated children as little as possible:

  • Naro Moru Nursery School for the youngest, Nahashon
  • Doldol Mission Boarding Primary School for nine of them
  • Ngobit Girls Secondary School, for one of the two girls, Dorcas
  • Inithe Day School, for Mary, Dorcas sister, who decided to stay to live with her aunt
  • Ngobit Boys Secondary School for five of them
  • Children from Doldol sleep in the Boarding School all year long
  • Children from Ngobit sleep in a new house built by a father. Ngobit schools are not open during the holidays and so, except for one kid, they live with a relative during this period.

Thanks to a raffle, Ol Pejeta collected funds, which enables the children to move to the new places and to have the needed equipments to be accepted there: uniforms, school materials, beddings, consumables.

Once there, children were entirely sponsored by Ol Pejeta who paid their tuition, food and boarding fees for the first term of 2013. But, since the beginning of this year, it has been impossible for the Conservancy to pay for basic items such as clothes, books, activity fees and pocket money and to restock them in school material and consumables.

Moreover, although it will still manage this project until the last child finishes his studies, Ol Pejeta cannot ensure an essential long-term sponsorship. That means that in some months it will be even impossible for the Conservancy to continue to pay foods and the rest of fees.

Since 2009 when Ol Pejeta started following this project, the orphans have lived some bad events but we have still been able to bounce back and to continue fighting us to contribute to the achievement of their dream. Some of them are so close and others have quite a long road to travel, but in every instance we trust you to help them for the future.

You have the choice to sponsor a child during a given period (for a year or for the entire duration of their education) or you can give us a donation which will be put into an account and equally divided between all the children.

Whatever the choice you make, it is really urgent for them to have these grants as soon as possible. You will see that the price to realize the dream of one bright and smiling child is only about US$50 per month. It is really important that, when you decide to sponsor a child during a specific period, you commit to follow him or her during the entire duration of the school year.

If you would like to help, please contact us on

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