Game Viewing from Blinds




  • Northern white rhinos on Ol Pejeta
  • Grevy's zebra, Ol Pejeta

Watch wildlife up close with minimal disturbance to them from hides and blinds dotted around Ol Pejeta. Game viewing from the hides and blinds can provide some of the best wildlife action on the conservancy – and the beauty of these hides and blinds is that almost anything can turn up! Watch predators stalking their prey, ostriches performing intricate mating dances or warthogs wallowing in the mud.

The wildlife hides and blinds enhance your wildlife viewing experience leaving you with unforgettable memories.

If staying in one of our lodges, speak directly to your lodge manager. Or contact or our Radio Room 0723 312 673. Reception across the Conservancy is often difficult, so please be persistent when trying to call.  If you fail to reach any of the contacts provided please do ask the staff at the facility at which you are staying to assist.

  • Jackson's hartebeest, Ol Pejeta
  • Northern white rhinos Ol Pejeta
Photo credits: Ian Aitken (x2), Frank af Petersens, Tui De Roy, Brendan Hill