Our Caregivers

Joseph Maiyo, Supervisor, Old Chimpanzee Group
Joseph comes from Rumuruti in Laikipia West. He was enrolled in 1994 as a chimpanzee caregiver, and was promoted to chimpanzee supervisor in 1996.
Joseph has a great understanding of the Sweetwaters chimpanzees having cared for them for the past 10 years. As well as being responsible for the overall management of the older chimpanzee group, Joseph is an expert at the process of integrating new juvenile chimpanzees into existing groups.
Chimpanzee Caregivers

Stephen Mukundi, Caregiver, Old Chimpanzee Group
Stephen comes from neighbouring Lamuria division, to the South of the Ol Pejeta Conservancy. He started as a night guard at the old chimpanzee’s house and has since been promoted to the position of caregiver. Stephen acts as a guide for people visiting the chimpanzee sanctuary and is well-versed on the plight facing chimpanzees in their natural habitat. He is also very knowledgeable about all the chimpanzees in the Sweetwaters Sanctuary and has a great understanding of the social interactions within the groups.
Chimpanzee Caregivers

David Mundia, Supervisor, Young Chimpanzee Group
David started work at the Chimpanzee Sanctuary in 1993 at its inception. David remembers one memorable morning when he left a bunch of keys used to open all the padlocks in the young chimpanzee’s house unattended. One of the chimpanzees managed to steal the keys by reaching through one of the night-box doors. For the next hour she tried every single key in an attempt to escape by opening the padlock to the door. Luckily she never managed to find the right key and was persuaded to hand back the keys in exchange for a reward of mangoes and bananas. Since that day, David has never underestimated the intelligence of his chimpanzee charges.
Chimpanzee Caregivers

Timothy Mwangi, Caregiver, Young Chimpanzee Group
Timothy also comes from within the Laikipia region and started out at the Chimpanzee Sanctuary as a fencer. Timothy’s duties now include providing the chimpanzees under his care with a balanced diet and insuring hygiene standards are maintained at all times. As a caregiver, Timothy is also responsible for carefully observing chimpanzees for any abnormality that might indicate sickness.
Chimpanzee Caregivers

Anthony Kamau, Head Fencer for the Sanctuary
Anthony has worked at Sweetwaters since 1993. He is fascinated by the way chimpanzees display remarkable similarities to humans in their social behaviour as well as their ability to communicate and to use tools. He has seen the chimpanzees attempting to break through high voltage fences using dry logs as climbing ladders.
Chimpanzee Caregivers