Community Extension

  • communities of northern Kenya
  • northern Kenya communities

There are many ways the Livestock Department can assist our surrounding communities and the following are examples of those achieved to date:

  • Ol Pejeta and the African Wildlife Foundation have recently set up a revolving fund of $350,000 to support a program entitled “Linking Livestock Markets with Wildlife Conservation”. Click here for more information.
  • Marketing of their cattle: Ol Pejeta, through its abattoir, is able to offer competitive prices throughout the year
  • Improvement of cattle: Ol Pejeta has good commercial bulls and females on offer to upgrade the community stock
  • Ol Pejeta’s livestock personnel are on hand to offer assistance with disease problems and their control
  • Ol Pejeta has provided grazing to some communities in times of drought
  • Ol Pejeta has rehabilitated 3 cattle dips in the community areas and supplies the acaricides and expertise

For more information on these programmes, please contact our Livestock Manager, Giles Prettejohn at

  • northern Kenya communities
  • cattle in northern Kenya
  • boran cattle on Ol Pejeta
Photo credits: Juan Pablo Moreiras (x3), Sandra Hill (x2)