Cheetah Numbers Bounce Back!

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31 August 2008
July 23, 2008

The Ol Pejeta Conservancy is delighted to announce an increase in cheetah numbers on the conservancy! There are now 15 confirmed individuals being monitored by our predator research team. Cheetahs are among the rarest of the “big cats” with only about 12,500 left in the wild, making this announcement VERY GOOD NEWS!

A female with 4 newborn cubs has been the most recent and exciting of discoveries! A mother and daughter team and another solitary female, make up the rest of the female contingent on the conservancy. Male cheetahs include 2 coalitions of three individuals each, one consisting of three sub-adult brothers. Let’s not forget, of course, our “celebrity” cheetah, Toki, who continues to do well.

The Ol Pejeta Conservancy is lucky to have these magnificent cats and we are extremely pleased at how their numbers are bouncing back as a result of new births and the improved survival rate of cubs. Cheetah cubs usually have a high mortality rate in the wild, as they suffer predation by lions and hyenas. We hope that the current increase will continue on Ol Pejeta, where we’re also currently recording improved numbers of all species. There has been a 15% annual increase in all wildlife numbers over the last three years.

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