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Never in the spotlight, but critical to the smooth functioning of the Conservancy, Ol Pejeta’s Logistics Department staff are the “back room boys“, responsible for the construction and maintenance of all infrastructure within the Conservancy.

This ensures that all the other departments can concentrate on carrying out their primary functions without having to worry about “how things work”.

In addition, Ol Pejeta’s Logistics Department provides invaluable help to the surrounding communities by contributing equipment, knowledge and work force to various community projects. Read more about Ol Pejeta’s Community Outreach Programmes.

  • our infrastructure
  • our infrastructure
  • our infrastructure

Here are some of the key activities the Ol Pejeta’s Logistics Department is involved in:

  1. Vehicles, plant and equipment: Maintenance and management of all vehicles, plant and equipment inside and outside of the workshop, management of general transport and management of the welding and fabrication department
  2. Buildings: Construction of all new buildings and structures as well as the maintenance of all existing buildings and structures
  3. Construction: All earth-moving works such as roads, dams, foundations and erosion control
  4. Water Supplies: Responsible for the operations and maintenance of all water supply infrastructure within the Conservancy which includes all pumping equipment, pipelines, tanks, troughs and domestic connections
  5. Electrical Supplies: As we have no mains supply anywhere on the Conservancy, all our power is provided by diesel generators and solar panels. Logistics is responsible for ensuring that the Conservancy is provided with safe and reliable power wherever it may be required. This includes all our solar installations for the fence energizers
  6. Fencing: We have more than 120 kms of perimeter fencing which was erected in house and now requires constant monitoring and regular maintenance
  7. Welding and Fabrication: Logistics not only carries out a multitude of maintenance jobs but it also fabricates many items in house. These include predator-proof bomas for the livestock department and doors, windows, trusses, and fascia boards for building. We also manufacture water tank towers, pump frames and steel piping, gates, grills and grids for fencing, solar panel stands, energizer boxes and electrical panels for electrical installations, culvert shutters, truck fittings and plant modifications for construction, and vehicle ancillaries, vehicle stands and waste fluid containers for the workshop

For more information about our Logistics Department on Ol Pejeta, please contact our Logistics Manager, Brian Haworth at brian.haworth@olpejetaconservancy.org.

infrastructure on Ol Pejeta Conservancy
Photo credits: Teeku Patel (x3), Sandra Hill, Juan Pablo Moreiras