A year of zero poaching on Ol Pejeta

Ensuring safety of our rhinos over the 90,000 acres that Ol Pejeta sits on is no easy task. We have a dedicated team of patrol men that scout the bushes daily, rain or shine, until every last one of the rhinos has been accounted for.

Following the challenges we faced between 2016 and 2017, where we had 8 rhinos killed by a group of male lions and three more killed by poachers, our security team worked diligently with government authorities, other conservancies, sharing intelligence and consistently training and were rewarded with zero cases of poaching in 2018. We did however sadly lose two calves from the nine new births reported in the past year, one was killed during a fight with a male rhino and its mother and another died after a lion attack.

Ol Pejeta now boasts a population of 122 black rhinos, 32 southern white rhinos and two northern white rhinos. With our highly trained team and constantly improving security measures, we expect this numbers to keep rising. The community around Ol Pejeta has also been a key partner in protecting these critically endangered animals, a partnership that has grown stronger because of the various projects we have going on within the community.

We would not be this successful without your support of Ol Pejeta’s conservation efforts through donations, adoptions or even sharing our work with your network.